Lart Line Up


Lart Essential

Well Made, Durable, Kitchen cabinetry made affordable.

Comparable in cost to the big name brands our entry level products will however deliver the form and substance the latter all to often does not.

Whether its our Standard top line cabinets or Essential line up; all our cabinetry is made specifically for your space which means no compromising on the design you want. Need a Drawer bank that’s 17” 11/16 ? no problem and no fillers either 🙂


 Lart Standard

Another name here might be “Fully Loaded” Lart Standard brings to the table nothing but the best. We are constantly seeking out and utilizing top of the line genuine hardware by reputable manufactures.

 Our wide selection of doors and accompanying profiles are made by hand in our own facility from a wide range of natural hardwoods and high quality vaneers.

Lart standard Cabinetry is highly flexible not being bound by the limitations of large scale manufacturing our approach to kitchen layout and design always starts from scratch.

If you’re working with an interior designer, don’t know where to start or just need an opinion we’re here to help



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  1. garnet storsley says:

    interested in kitchen cabnitry; re-doing kitchen in winnipeg

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