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Something special update

July 30 2015




Something Special

June 2 2015

Usually we just make awesome kitchen cabinets but every so often a request for a unique piece comes in. Check out this custom antique desk in 1/4 cut Oak.

DSC_1240 edit




Backed in a corner

May 22 2015

Although not a new idea we recently built our own version of a corner cabinet with slide out drawers complete with Premium soft closing hardware. Definitely something worth considering when trying to maximize functionality in a small kitchen.

DSC_1225 edit











Order Up!

May 20 2015
A customer was forced to cut down a large mature Maple tree that was near and dear to him. Rather then discard it for firewood he had it rough sawn into boards and brought it to us to redo his kitchen…. Stay tuned for the results.

rough maple pile edit





High Gloss Solid Colours

Dec 22 2014
Check these solid colours new to our line up in 2015. Just imagine the bright and cheerful kitchen space you could create with these!

Glossy Solid Colour Veneers


Dove Tail Joints

July 4, 2014

We’re now happy to offer dove tail jointed drawer boxes. Not only are they strong but they look cool too!


The Weeke  Vantage

Dec 4 2013

Aaaaah that new toy smell 🙂 🙂    While this puppy precision cuts and drills our cabinet case components or shop personal can spend more time grain matching and building some of the best door and drawer fronts available.


1/4 Cut Oak

Nov 22/2013

Changing the cutting direction Parallel to the grain in an oak log creates a not so commonly seen grain pattern in traditional Oak wood work.

14 oak


Oct 31/2013
Popular  in the 70’s Walnut might be ready for a comeback? we made  this sample door to add to our collection 3″ wide stile and rail shaker door with a solid wood inset panel.


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